Firearm police called for 'man with knife' - but it's Potter fan with wand

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The large knife turned out to be a wand brandished by a Harry Potter fan

By Caroline Lowbridge

BBC News, East Midlands

Firearms officers attended a hotel following a report of a man carrying a large knife - but it turned out to be a Harry Potter fan with a wand.

The report was made to Leicestershire Police on Sunday morning.

The incident was recounted on a police Facebook page by a local police constable who also attended the hotel in Enderby.

He said no harm was caused to anyone and joked that there was "no sign of Voldemort".

People commenting on the post saw the funny side.

"Are you being sirius?!" asked one, in a reference to Harry's godfather Sirius Black.

"Expecto Patrol-man!" said another, as a play on words of "Expecto Patronum", the words of the powerful Patronus Charm.

Police have not said which hotel the incident happened at, but said it was a "large hotel" and the man had been seen inside near the lifts.

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