Israel agrees to allow two fuel trucks a day into Gaza

2 weeks ago 13

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Israel has agreed to allow two fuel trucks a day into Gaza amid heavy shortages of aid deliveries to the strip under siege.

Following a request from Washington, Israel’s war cabinet said it would allow about 140,000 litres of fuel into Gaza every two days.

Two trucks are going to be allowed into Gaza to meet the UN’s needs to give “minimal” support for water and sanitary systems, Reuters reported, citing an Israeli official who sought to remain anonymous.

Israeli soldiers began ground operations in Gaza in response to Hamas’s unprecedented cross-border incursion on 7 October when the militant group killed at least 1,200 people and took some 240 others hostage.

Since raids began in Gaza, over two million residents of the strip have relocated to overcrowded shelters in the south unleashing a new humanitarian disaster that has attracted ire from International groups.

The UN was also forced to suspend delivery of aid to the strip last week due to the shortage of fuel, warning that there is an imminent risk of starvation without urgent water, fuel, and food supply to the region.

Israel has since agreed to let aid trucks into Gaza after inspections, allowing a small amount of fuel last week to keep UN relief operations and delivery trucks moving.

The Telecom company Paltel had also previously warned of an imminent blackout of its network due to the lack of fuel.

About 120,000l (31,700 gallons) of fuel would be allowed in every 48 hours for UN trucks and for needs like desalinization of water, sewage pumping, bakeries, and hospitals while another 20,000 liters every two days would be for generators powering telecom operations, a US state department official told Reuters.

Israeli officials had previously wanted Hamas to release hostages before it eased pressure on Gaza, according to US secretary of state Antony Blinken.

But the latest decision to allow fuel into Gaza comes after a request from Washington as an attempt to soothe international voices as Israel continues its ground operations in the strip to eradicate Hamas, Reuters reported, citing an Israeli official.

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