About Us

Chattythat is an upcoming social media that was launched on 12 October 2020 (about 1 year ago). Chattythat is owned by Chattythat.com LLC a Kentucky Limited Liability Company. Chattythat.com is the first platform owned and operated by women! We believe in freedom of speech, no censorship and keeping our members empowered!!

In the day and age of censorship, we pride ourselves in honoring freedom of speech. Here at Chattythat, our goal is to create a unique safe space for everyone. Chattythat invites anyone to share opinions and form lifelong friendships; despite political backgrounds, religious beliefs, age and social status. We believe that everyone has a voice and each voice can spark a change in the world. We know our platform has the power to change the way social media interacts with and informs its day to day users. Often we find ourselves limited within the walls of social media, confined to the beliefs of those in which own the platform; not with us — your digital and verbal freedom will remain your own. We hope that as you join our growing community, you’ll engage in various topics and debates that leave you with newfound knowledge that you can take from the screen and into your your everyday life. Welcome, let’s shatter the outdated societal beliefs — together.