Peru president's home raided in Rolex probe

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Peru's President Dina Boluarte speaking in January 2023Image source, Reuters

Police in Peru have raided President Dina Boluarte's home as part of a corruption inquiry dubbed "Rolexgate".

Authorities were searching for more than a dozen Rolex watches President Boluarte had allegedly not declared.

The investigation began after a news report drew attention to luxury watches she wore at public events, dating from when she took office in December 2022.

Ms Boluarte said that her Rolex was an old item that she bought with the proceeds of working since she was 18.

The government announced earlier this month it would review her asset declarations from the past two years.

Speaking last week, Ms Boluarte insisted she entered government "with clean hands" and that she would "leave it with clean hands".

The early-morning raid on Saturday, a joint operation between the police and the prosecutor's office, was broadcast on local television channel Latina.

Image source, Reuters

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Police surrounded Ms Boluarte's home in Lima's Surquillo District during the early-morning raid

Officials could be seen swarming the house in the Surquillo District of the capital, Lima, while officers blocked oncoming traffic.

It came after prosecutors refused Ms Boluarte's request for more time to respond to a subpoena requesting her to provide proof of purchase for her watches.

Ms Boluarte, a former lawyer, became president almost by accident after her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, was impeached following his attempt to dissolve Congress and rule by decree.

Mr Castillo's ousting sparked violent protests demanding Ms Boluarte step down and fresh elections be held. Dozens of people were killed in clashes.

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