Second US senator comes out in support of Gaza ceasefire

1 week ago 9

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Jeff Merkley has become the second US senator to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Mr Merkley, a Democrat representing Oregon, said in a statement Thursday that he came to his decision after “many Americans, including thousands of Oregonians, have raised their voices to say more must be done to stop the carnage.”

“I am calling for a ceasefire—a cessation of hostilities by both sides. To endure, the ceasefire and the following negotiations must accomplish other essential objectives, including the release of all hostages and a massive influx of humanitarian aid,” he said.

Senator Merkley joins Dick Durbin, a Democrat representing Illinois, as the two lone voices in the US senate calling for a ceasefire.

Some 40 members of the House of Representatives have called for a ceasefire.

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