Stonehaven seafront closed off after overnight flooding

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The beach at Stonehaven

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Rock and shale from the beach at Stonehaven has been displaced by high tides

The seafront in Stonehaven has been closed off after flooding left debris strewn across the promenade.

Shale and rock from the beach was forced onto nearby roads by rising tides on Saturday morning.

Walkways and fencing near the harbour have also been damaged by the conditions.

A flood warning will remain in place over the weekend, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) said.

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Aberdeenshire Council said it was closing off walkways

Aberdeenshire Council said it was closing off the area and the nearby harbour on police advice, external "due to the risk of overtopping waves".

“Areas all along the seafront have been affected by coastal flooding overnight," they said in a statement posted online.

"We are in the process of closing this off.

“With a flood warning in place around high tide today at 1pm, we ask that people avoid the area. ”

Images shared by the local authority show rubble scattered around areas near the seafront.

The town's flood defences were praised in October last year after holding firm against the rising River Carron during torrential rainfall.

Sepa said a "combination of high tides and prevailing weather conditions" was to blame.

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Debris has been strewn around surrounding streets

The watchdog added: "Flooding from the sea is expected to affect low lying land, roads and properties along the coast in Stonehaven.

"Wave overtopping is expected around Cowie Promenade.

"There is a risk of flooding from waves and spray overtopping to low lying areas of the coast, from Friday evening until Sunday morning."

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