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Chattythat is an upcoming social media that was launched on 12 October 2020 (about 1 year ago). Chattythat is owned by Chattythat.com LLC a Kentucky Limited Liability Company. Chattythat.com is the first platform owned and operated by women! We believe in freedom of speech, no censorship and keeping our members empowered!!

In the day and age of censorship, we pride ourselves in honoring freedom of speech. Here at Chattythat, our goal is to create a unique safe space for everyone. Chattythat invites anyone to share opinions and form lifelong friendships; despite political backgrounds, religious beliefs, age and social status. We believe that everyone has a voice and each voice can spark a change in the world. We know our platform has the power to change the way social media interacts with and informs its day to day users. Often we find ourselves limited within the walls of social media, confined to the beliefs of those in which own the platform; not with us — your digital and verbal freedom will remain your own. We hope that as you join our growing community, you’ll engage in various topics and debates that leave you with newfound knowledge that you can take from the screen and into your your everyday life. Welcome, let’s shatter the outdated societal beliefs — together.

✓ Chattythat Commitment to end Big Tech Censorship

There’s a great deal of concern over the future of the web. As more and more people become aware that tech giants like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube are censoring conservative speech, the pushback against big tech censorship is growing. But what is big tech censorship? And why does it matter? For an in-depth look at the threat of internet censorship to modern society, see this article.

- What is big tech censorship?

Big Tech censorship refers to the practice of censoring or restricting speech that is considered objectionable by corporate internet platforms or social media companies. This censorship may be carried out by the social media platforms themselves or enforced by the government, often at the behest of these platforms.Usually, the case either way is fairly straightforward. Access to certain speech is curtailed behind strict timeframes, devices, or networks. The only true winners in all of this are the ideologues who enjoy riling up audiences with their zealotry. Anti-tech groups and politicians frequently rail against companies like Facebook for the supposed theft of their content or the lengths they’ll go to in order to prevent people from posting negative things about their products or services.

These organizations are often supported by consumers’ frustrations that arise from frustration with censorship, and scaremongering about the supposed dangers of free speech has become somewhat of an industry standard. Things aren’t always as straightforward as they might first appear. The following are four principles we believe must underpin any discussion on the topic of internet censorship: Some forms of censorship are simply necessary Critics often claim that social media blocks, time-restriction features, or algorithmic penalties are tools used by the Washington Post to prevent conservative posts.

However, most of these features originate with the platform and have been enacted via rules or guidelines. The Post gets deleted, sometimes for legitimate reasons (like poor headline creation) and other times it does so for reasons not so benign (like committing journalistic fraud or engaging in bad information sharing). Making hay with big tech Examples of big tech platforms that directly restrict or clearly punish content access include:Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook-owned Instagram, In April 2015, Twitter permanently banned conservative journalists and editors For context, big tech platforms have repeatedly been held liable for allegedly posting content that damages or insults individual people on platforms like Facebook. For example, in a recent EFF v.2. How does big tech censorship threaten the future of the web?

How chattythat.com ends big tech censorship

Through chattythat, you can feel empowered and free to express your political views without being judged, criticized and your posts being removed.

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with Chattythat you can do more and make the world smaller by meeting people around the globe. Chattythat and Connect with friends and families.

✓ How to Join Chattythat

To join is very easy and wont take you more than 3 minutes, go to https://chattythat.com/register and fill in the sign up form, confirm your account and start sharing what’s new and happening.

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