Will report questioning Biden’s memory change voters’ minds?

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American voters, including many Democrats, have consistently raised Joe Biden's age as one of their biggest concerns about the 81-year-old president ahead of November's election.

Now a special counsel report into Mr Biden's handling of classified documents has thrust the issue centre stage.

Robert Hur's inquiry concluded that the president had "wilfully retained and disclosed" classified files after leaving office as vice-president in 2017 - but the prosecutor declined to bring criminal charges.

His report did cause political damage, however, with its repeated references to Mr Biden's memory, and his alleged inability to recall key events and dates.

We asked members of our panel of US voters - especially those who say they might vote for the president - for their reaction to the report.

Bessy is a liberal who has concerns over backing Biden again due to his strong support for Israel and the situation in Gaza.

The memory issues that were brought up in the report are extremely alarming.

I think most Americans, whether Republican or Democrat, were already having mixed feelings about our aging government. While I voted for Biden in the 2020 election, I am on the fence about his age going into the next four years.

These findings confirm that Democrats need to present another presidential candidate or they risk losing the presidency to Donald Trump.

A lot of younger voters voted for Biden due to a lack of choice. I think he owes his party and country the chance to move in a new direction with a different candidate.

He needs to see that Republican voters aren't the only ones that are concerned with his age.

John voted for the libertarian candidate in 2016 and voted for Biden in 2020 because he did not like Trump.

This report confirms what many people already knew: that President Biden is getting up there in age and his memory is not what it used to be.

Frankly, I don't think he has the stamina or memory for the job anymore. I'm still going to vote for him in November, but at this point I really feel like I'd be voting for Vice-President Kamala Harris.

As someone who used to work extensively with classified information, I am extremely troubled by how our elected politicians keep treating these documents. If I wilfully kept classified information like Donald Trump or misplaced reams of classified documents as has President Biden, I would have lost my clearance, my job, and potentially, my freedom.

I believe it is absolutely fair for the special counsel to bring up these examples as they highlight the president's inability to safeguard information pertaining to national security.

Pandem would prefer to see a younger, fresher face as the Democratic candidate, but says the report does not change his opinion of Biden.

My biggest takeaway from the report was that I think the special counsel presented the difference between how Biden and Trump handled it - cooperation versus staunch opposition - in terms clear enough to at least mute the argument that Biden should be charged too.

I don't think it was fair for Hur to use those [memory] examples or to even mention in the report that he felt a jury would perceive Biden as an elderly man with memory problems.

I think even including that statement gave political ammunition to Biden's critics as sort of a consolation prize because he [Hur] couldn't, in good faith or legal standing, press charges.

It would have been better for Hur to say "I don't believe it likely to persuade a jury that President Biden had any malicious intent in retaining these documents".

As of now, I plan to vote for Joe Biden in November. He's not the ideal candidate but I will vote for him as opposed to Trump.

A conservative voter, Luke wants a Republican alternative to Trump this time, but says he will ultimately vote for the former president if he is on November's ballot.

This report is further evidence that the sitting president of the United States is alarmingly incompetent, a situation that should be viewed as a serious threat to national security.

Not only was it fair for Hur to bring up these examples, it was necessary for him to do so, as he explained that a jury would likely not be able to convict Biden due to his debilitated mental condition.

That said, this development does not change much for me - I would not have voted for Biden anyway. But it strengthens my belief that he will not actually be on the ticket in November - the Democratic National Committee and its donor base will replace him.

Sandra is worried by the prospect of Trump returning to the White House - and dismisses the focus on Biden's age and memory.

The biggest takeaway for me was the media bias regarding the justice department report.

The fact that President Biden was shown to have done nothing approaching the level of criminal - no indictment will be coming - is being ignored.

This exoneration of the president was no surprise. President Biden cooperated immediately and voluntarily sat for hours of interviews that covered four decades of his career.

The report does not change how I feel about him. He's doing a masterful job leading this country through some turbulent times. My vote this November will be for President Biden, and I'm trying to tune out attacks that will only escalate as we near the election.

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