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We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme of "towers". Here is a selection of the photographs we received from around the world.

Two towers in ManchesterImage source, Jack Appleton

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Jack Appleton: "A shot from the Manchester Skyline in December 2023 whilst visiting the great city."

Image source, Evelyn Oakley

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Evelyn Oakley: "London towers at sunset from a balcony in East Dulwich. A slight movement of the camera adds atmospheric abstraction - showing how the view looks if I take off my glasses!"

Image source, Francis Brown

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Francis Brown: "A rare Tokyo blizzard whips up against high rise towers."

Image source, Markus Dennis

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Markus Dennis: "Sunset atop the crest of a seven-mile long ridge where gusts sheer trees to mere stumps. These oaks, the 'Twin Towers', have endured by nearness to one another and withstood decades in the forest along a winding single-track trail I often trek in Hancock County, Indiana."

Image source, A Michael Bezener

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A Michael Bezener took this picture at Vaseux Lake in British Columbia, Canada: "Methane bubbles released from decaying aquatic vegetation freeze in sequential stacks creating ethereal bubble towers during the frigid temperatures of polar vortex."

Image source, Erika Valkovicova

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Erika Valkovicova: "A Sturgeon Full Moon rising above the Zizkov Television Tower in Prague, Czechia."

Image source, Colleen O'Keefe

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Colleen O'Keefe: "'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair'. It was one of first thoughts I had upon seeing this amazing art installation called The Rookery at the Chicago Botanic Garden. It is made entirely of willow saplings and one can walk through its nature made towers and tunnels enjoying the feeling of the wind and sun or even just pretend to be in a fairy tale palace."

Image source, Alexander Rochelle

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Alexander Rochelle: "A tower of rocks on a local beach."

Image source, Soo Kim

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Soo Kim: "A tower of recycle waste from the past week."

Image source, Nigel Stephenson

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Nigel Stephenson: "The Marina or 'Corn Cob' towers in Chicago are now 60 years old and still look stunning."

Image source, Stefanie Hauger

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Stefanie Hauger: "The North Grandstand in Singapore is an iconic brutalist building from 1933 that I have always adored. Its future is currently unclear as the area is undergoing major redevelopment, so this picture is an everlasting document of it for me. This view is of the rear tower."

Image source, Matthew Logan

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Matthew Logan: "As someone who is afraid of heights, I get a pit in my stomach every time I imagine taking these steps to the top of the smokestack."

Image source, Graham Woollven

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Graham Woollven: "The Old Light on Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel is a magnificent granite tower built on the highest point of the island. Sadly it proved to be less than perfect in operation, being frequently hidden in mist and fog. It had to be replaced by two lighthouses, one at each end of the island, built much closer to sea level."

Image source, Sandra Frith

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Sandra Frith: "The towers of Canary Wharf juxtaposed with an old wooden dock on the opposite bank of the River Thames in London."

Image source, Ladka Kurzrock

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Ladka Kurzrock: "I captured this photo with my drone early in the morning just before the sun came up. The towers of Sydney were immersed into a thick fog and the softness of the morning sun created a perfect composition for this photo."

Image source, Benjamin Rose

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Benjamin Rose: "Nothing says tower in the southwest like the stunning Glastonbury Tor, something truly magical about this place when the sun hits it just right."

Image source, Paola Denari

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Paola Denari took this picture at Bardenas Reales, Spain: "This amazing landscape seemed to be from another planet and ending the day watching the sunset with this tower and natural shapes was the cherry on the pie."

Image source, John Kinsella

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John Kinsella: "Aerial photo of Volta's Lighthouse hundreds of metres above Lake Como, in San Maurizio, Italy. This tower opened in 1927 in memory of Alessandro Volta who developed the first electrical cell."

Image source, Jacqueline Melling

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Jacqueline Melling: "Anyone for a cuppa? Looking at the tower of cups seems as if a few folk are expected! Enjoy."

The next theme is "On the horizon" and the deadline for entries is 20 February 2024.

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